Inspired by a passion for performance and technology, in a very short time we will proudly present our brand new dyno range, the “Dynoking ZEUS”. In the exciting world of cutting edge technology and expert engineering, the Dynoking ZEUS represents the ultimate tool for those looking for the ultimate performance in their cars.

Main characteristics:

   we could even say the word unbreakable DynoKing dynamometers are built to withstand the toughest demands

1. Exceptional Accuracy: The Dynoking ZEUS series features advanced measurement technology that ensures accuracy and reliability in vehicle power and torque measurements.
2. Multi-functionality: Dynoking ZEUS is designed with multi-functionality in mind. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, allowing users to obtain accurate readings regardless of their engine type or car model.
3. Ease of Use: With a user-friendly design and easy navigation, Dynoking ZEUS makes dyno testing accessible to everyone. It is a tool that is used equally by professionals and enthusiasts of the world of motoring.
4. Contemporary Design: Dynoking ZEUS is not only a tool, but also an object of design. Its sleek and modern appearance reflects the high quality and excellent performance it offers.
5. and a system of our own construction and inspiration that you see in real time the water pressure and the pressure of the throttles in the sump, this is a very good system to avoid engine damage
6.and of course with the latest SportDevices electronic systems
7. lambda controller
8. knock controllers
9. map sensors 7 bars
10. Link system
11.OBD real time

With the Dynoking ZEUS series, you enter a world of innovation and technology that brings out the true essence of driving. Discover the power hidden in your car with Dynoking ZEUS – the new dimension in measuring and improving it.

We are proud to acknowledge your appreciation of Dynoking dyno gauges. It’s great to know that the high quality and expertise of our dynamometers is recognized by professional car developers like you. Dynokings are designed with the perspective of providing not only accuracy and reliability in measurements, but also to meet the needs of professional car and moto programmers.
Dynoking dynamometers are distinguished not only for their high technology and modern design, but also for their ease of use and their multi-functionality. It is indeed a tool that enhances the performance and adaptability of vehicles, offering an unsurpassed combination of precision and flexibility.

Thank you for your Dynoking dyno manuals, and we are always here to help with any questions or support you may need.

The durability and reliability of Dynoking dynamometers is an important feature that underlines the high quality of these tools. Designed with attention to detail and incorporating the most advanced technologies, Dynoking dyno gauges are built to stand the test of time and provide continued reliability.
Handling high loads, durable design and careful selection of materials make for a tool that not only provides accurate measurements, but is also extremely durable in use.
The Dynoking dyno design team emphasizes build quality, aiming to provide a tool that will meet the high expectations of professional automotive developers. Therefore, your statement that Dynoking dynamometers do not break or fail is a strong message about the reliability of these excellent tools.
There are many reasons why choosing a DynoKing dyno can be an ideal choice for professional car developers and driving enthusiasts. These reasons include:
1.High Quality Construction: DynoKing dynamometers are manufactured with high quality materials and follow advanced manufacturing methods, thus ensuring their durability and longevity.
2.Measurement Accuracy: The measurement technology used in DynoKing dynamometers is advanced and provides precision in vehicle force and torque measurements.
3. Ease of Use: Dynamometers are designed with ease of use in mind, making them accessible and user-friendly, even for those without extensive experience.
4.Versatile: DynoKing dynamometers are designed to be multifunctional, providing compatibility with various vehicles, allowing users to utilize the tool in various environments.
5.Competitive Price: They provide excellent value for cost by offering high quality tools at competitive prices.
Consequently, choosing a DynoKing dynamometer represents the modern approach to measuring and improving automotive performance.