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Why You Should Prefer DynoKing Dynamometers:
When it comes to measuring and improving your car’s performance, DynoKing dynamometers are the ultimate choice. There are several reasons that make DynoKing dynamometers irreplaceable for every car and moto lover:

1.Reliability: DynoKing dynamometers are known for their high reliability and accuracy. You can rely on them for accurate measurements and reliable results.
2.Durability: One of the main features of DynoKing dynamometers is their durability. Constructed with carefully selected materials, these dynamometers will not break down and stand the test of time.
3.Affordable Price: Despite their high quality and excellent performance, DynoKing dynamometers remain very affordable. This means you can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology without facing high costs.
Don’t settle for less when it comes to your car’s performance. Choose DynoKing dynamometers and show off the true power of your vehicle.

As for the data acquisition, it can be connected to obd using all the pid’s that the factory brain can offer (lambda, lambda trim, advance, temperatures, maf, map, pump pressure, etc.). Externally, of course, there are two lambda controllers, knock control, 7bar MAP sensor, pyrometers and anything else you need. Of course all these data are stored in the dynamometer passage file and can be printed on the dynamometer graph.

DynoKing offers tremendous repeatability in the passages and the many features it offers leave the result in the ability of the developer.

With all of the above mentioned, it is safe to say that the dynoKing is, if not the best, one of the best dynamometers in the country. State-of-the-art, with all the elements needed for a reliable dynamometer and the right result for the customer.

we still have the ability to build
dynamometer hub even for trucks
(We can also manufacture dynamometers for all requirements from 1,000 hp to 6,000 hp per axle)